New students from all of our MBA programs recently gathered in Austin to prepare for their classes, get to know each other, meet MBA faculty & staff, and have some fun. It was especially exciting to welcome our classes from Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston to their second home here on the UT Austin campus. These students experience the same top caliber curriculum, faculty, and network as our Working Professional students in Austin, but are able to attend classes close to home on campuses in Dallas and Houston.

We had a very strong pool of applications to pull from when putting together our Working Professional MBA classes this year, and the numbers certainly reflect that. Let’s take a look at our Houston class:

The MBA at Houston welcomed 84 awesome students to the program as new members of the Longhorn family. These students are no strangers to the fast-paced, hard-working town of Houston and they are all a true testament to the institution they will come to be challenged by over the next two years.MBA at Houston Class of 2020: 84 students; top industries include energy, healthcare, manufacturing, consulting, technology; students work at companies such as Chevron, Dow chemical, Haliburton, NRG, USAA, GE, Merk, and more

We are excited to see the continued growth in the diversity of backgrounds. Out of 84 students, there are 69 companies represented.

These students span all industries, and we are excited to see the addition of more students from Healthcare. We have representation from many of the healthcare leaders in Houston and our students have backgrounds in Entrepreneurship, law, and nursing. Our students also have robust educational backgrounds, as we welcome students with PhDs, RNs and JDs to our class.

Other industries include non-profit, financial services, manufacturing, energy, real estate, consulting and technology. We even have some new industries this year, making this class even more professionally diverse: telecommunications, retail, and hospitality/consumer services.

Our representation of women has grown from 27% to 31% and we are excited to welcome some outstanding leaders to the class. The MBAs in Houston also represent three of the five branches of the U.S. military with members from the Army, Air Force, and Navy.

MBAs in Houston come from 15 different countries. It’s also been important to our class to see growth in both under-represented minorities, up to 20 from 13 students last year, and first-generation students.

We have a large number of repeat Longhorns coming back to UT this year and many Texas A&M Aggies joining the herd. (We love our AgHorns.) Overall, we have 53 different undergraduate universities represented, including Stanford, MIT, and Georgia Tech.

Class of 2020, MBA at Houston

Class of 2020, MBA at Houston

We feel humbled and privileged by the amazing experiences and perspectives making up the Texas McCombs MBA Class of 2020 and cannot wait to see what they accomplish during their time in the program. If you’d like to join them as part of Texas McCombs MBA network, our 2018-2019 application is open!

This post is part of our MBA Class of 2020 series. Soon, we’ll explore our Executive MBA Class of 2020, so be sure to check back.

We look forward to meeting you and reading your application. Hook ’em!