A big part of your MBA journey begins after you graduate– You’ll move up in your industry, transition into a different industry, or leverage your strong McCombs network to establish your own business ventures.

At the Texas MBA Program, our Career Management & Employment Services teams are devoted to making sure that no matter where your career takes you next, you”ll be successful.

salary stats Texas MBA. 93% accepted jobs for 2016. average salary $113.481.

Your Texas MBA degree starts paying dividends immediately. In 2015, Forbes named us the 3rd-highest return on investment (ROI) among all public MBA programs in the U.S.

Our MBAs are in demand with employers and there is a great balance among different job functions to create a diverse culture among our graduates:

The Texas MBA Program puts a nice balance of students into consulting, operations, brand and product management, and finance. I think that very positively mimics the work environments that they are going into where, irrespective of what function you have, you are going to be working with all different areas of the company.

– Stacey Rudnick, Director of Texas MBA Career Management

Your dedicated Texas MBA Career Management team provides a variety of career resources to ensure you land your dream job.

Forward-Thinking Education

Your first semester, you’ll take  Strategic Career Planning , a class designed to identify and begin developing your professional goals. You’ll perform a self-assessment, practice interviewing techniques, build out your personal brand and social media networking strategies, and learn how to research career options.

Career Coaching Sessions

As part of of the MBA+ Leadership Program, you’ll have access to communication and specialty coaches—i.e., seasoned experts who are ready to work with you one-on-one to refine your skills in communication, leadership, strategy, organizational culture, and much more.

One-on-One Advising

Your career consultants are available throughout the year to provide professional guidance and insight. You’ll also pair up with a Peer Advisor—a second-year Texas MBA student who was at your stage of career planning just a year before.

Networking and Recruiting Activities

Almost 400 different employers participate in our recruiting events—networking receptions, career fairs, on-campus recruiting sessions, etc. There are countless ways to meet your future employer while finishing your Texas MBA degree. Read more about our career treks in 2016-2017.

A Texas MBA Student attends a Career FairIn addition to Career Management services, Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs provides unique entrepreneurial opportunities for MBAs through education and mentoring opportunities.

The MBA+ Leadership Program is one of the highlights of the Texas MBA Program. In addition to career coaching, it offers hands-on experiences  including Micro-Consulting Projects with outside companies, networking events, and industry seminars.

The prestigious reputation of McCombs enhances these resources so you can be ambitious & clear about your career interests and connect with employers who sync up with all your goals– A big head start to your dream career!

Learn more about Texas MBA Career Management, or contact us with any questions about becoming a Texas MBA.