MBA+ Project: Hyatt Gold Passport

Members of the Hyatt Gold Passport MBA+ Project Team along with representatives from the company.

The Hyatt Gold Passport MBA+ Project Team and representatives from the company, pictured from left to right: Brian Lederer, MBA ’15; Jeff Zidell, Senior Vice President Hyatt Gold Passport; Louisa Balach, Director of Partner Marketing Hyatt Gold Passport; Alok Marwaha, MBA ’15; David Tobin, MBA ’15; Gabriela Mata-Gutierrez, MBA ’15; Katie Ehrhardt, Manager of Partner Marketing Hyatt Gold Passport.

The MBA+ Leadership Program connects Texas MBA students with companies through short-term micro-consulting projects. I recently caught up with Full-Time MBA student and MBA+ project leader, Alok Marwaha, to learn more about his team’s experience this past semester redefining Hyatt’s strategic relationships with travel partners.

What was your MBA+ Project?
AM: The project was a marketing project for the partner marketing group of Hyatt Hotels’ loyalty division, Hyatt Gold Passport. The McCombs team was tasked to develop a recommendation regarding whether or not Hyatt Gold Passport should form a partnership with a specific airline similar to partnerships rolled out by competitors earlier in the year.

Why did this specific project interest you?
AM: I was a consultant prior to McCombs, was staying in hotels 200+ nights/year and wanted to explore an MBA+ project in the hospitality industry. Other team members also joined the project because of their interest in hospitality and/or marketing.

What was your favorite part of the project?
AM: The project involved just as much creativity as it did data analysis. This required thinking outside of the box and spending a large amount of time ideating around different solutions.

What did you find most challenging about the project?
AM: The client was truly looking to us for a fresh perspective and gave us free reign regarding which path we wanted to go down for the final recommendation.

What skills did you gain and/or utilize in working on this project?
AM: Analysis and forecasting, consumer behavior and segmentation marketing strategy, and design thinking approach.

How has this experience influenced your time at McCombs and your future aspirations?
AM: It was interesting to see how marketers empathize with their customers to design creative solutions to fulfill specific needs. While I may or may not pursue a career in hospitality or marketing, this ability was the key takeaway from the project for me. Some of my teammates are continuing to pursue internships/careers in the hospitality industry.

Lauren is pursuing her masters in Educational Psychology at UT and is the Event Marketing and Management Graduate Assistant for MBA+.

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  1. global MBA says:

    This is quite a useful program. My cousin is doing global MBA and I will ask him if he is interested to do something like this.

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