I recently asked some of our MBA students for their favorite “productivity-increasing mobile apps.” Below are a few of the responses.

“I have all my cheat sheets, notes, etc. from the day that I started… all saved in the cloud.” – Jeffrey Shih, Texas Evening MBA, Class of 2012

“Very useful way of capturing notes – audio, images, as well as written.” – Samir Khandhar, Full-Time Texas MBA, Class of 2012

“Dropbox gives you access to shared files from your phone. It makes it easy to pull up the latest version of assignments and also easily transfer between computer and phone. Dropbox in general is really helpful for school with all the group assignments; having it on my phone makes it even better.” – Leigh Anne Alford, Full-Time Texas MBA, Class of 2013

Sleep Cycle
“This app tracks your sleep cycles (deep sleep vs. lighter sleep).  It allows you to set your alarm for a 30 minute window, and it will wake you up during your lighter sleep in that window, or at the end of the window as a last resort.  By not waking up during very deep sleep, you’re not as groggy as you might otherwise be in the morning.” – Sameer Sankaran, Full-Time Texas MBA, Class of 2012

“This app makes it easier for me to keep track of the people I meet while networking. As an MBA, I often ask for (and give out) business cards, and CardMunch shortens the time necessary to put those details into my phone. It also makes contacts easier to retrieve, since I can keep the actual business cards on file at home.” – Maris Lallana, Full-Time Texas MBA, Class of 2013

Academic Aid
“I actually developed an app called ‘Academic Aid’ for the iPhone. It’s basically a bare bones way of keeping my schedule in order.  While many people use outlook (myself included), I found that it was important to have a separate mechanism for tasks and assignments that were related to school. By no means is it great, but it’s what I use” – Ryan Brueckner, Full-Time Texas MBA, Class of 2013

“GroupMe is a great way to easily send texts to a whole group.” – Richard Durchholz, Texas MBA at Houston, Class of 2013

“My friends use it to make plans, meet up, etc. It allows us to stay connected even though we all have different schedules and priorities.” – Leigh Anne Alford

Sticher Radio
“I don’t have time to read the newspaper everyday but I do have time to listen to podcasts in the morning as I get ready or on my way to school.  Sticher is a streaming podcast app and has NPR and WSJ podcasts for the latest news on the front page of the news. There are also other interesting podcasts and you can add them into your ‘playlist’.” – Crystal Wells, Full-Time Texas MBA, Class of 2013


Do you have a favorite app that wasn’t mentioned? Comment below and let us know!