On Saturday, March 24, the Texas MBA for Working Professional and Executive Programs held Women’s Forum events in Austin, Houston, and Dallas-Fort Worth, hosting more than 50 prospective women MBAs and showing them what makes the Texas MBA so special.

“From the students, faculty, and staff that contributed to the women that attended the Forum, the event brought the entire Texas MBA family together with the Longhorn Spirit. The alumni’s honesty and passion, Professor Meakin calling on the Forum attendees in his Business Law class, and the UT staff’s attention to detail while organizing the day all supported the legacy of the world renowned Texas MBA: high caliber, collaborative, and diverse.” – Nicole Wood, MBA Class of 2013 and a host of the Texas MBA at Houston Women’s Forum

Houston Women's Forum Attendees

Gina Whitfield, right, and Nicole Wood, second from right, meet with prospective MBA students at the Texas MBA at Houston Women's Forum on Saturday, March 24.

The Women’s Forum exhibited the well-rounded aspects of the Texas MBA and allowed attendees to discover how the Texas MBA Program can unlock their potential and help them develop as business leaders, advance their current career, or even make a career change. Women’s Forum attendees had the opportunity to hear an overview of the Texas MBA program, understand the value proposition of the Texas MBA, and connect with women in the program to learn about their Texas MBA experience.

“Choosing to pursue an MBA presents unique challenges for women, especially working professionals,” says Allison Kroll, a member of the MBA Class of 2013 and a host of the Texas MBA at Dallas-Fort Worth Women’s Forum. “What I believe the Women’s Forum provides is a realistic insight into the program and a candid discussion of the challenges working-professional students face, from the current and former students who have lived it.”