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Profitability of Marketing Brands with a Social Cause

McCombs Marketing Assistant Professor Ty Henderson recently shared his research on brands driving profits by teaming up with a social cause or donating a percentage of profits to a charity. Henderson found a direct link between brands supporting a social cause and increase in product sales. Interesting to note, Henderson also found that an increase in the percentage a brand donates does not lead to increased purchases. Shopper behavior can be influenced by social cause campaigns regardless of the amount being donated.

Read a full summary of Ty Henderson’s research in McCombs Today.

CEO Backgrounds Yield Interesting Take on CMOs

Is the path to CMO also a path to CEO? McCombs professors Raji Srinivasan and Robert Parrino took a look at the backgrounds of 552 CEOs and found some interesting trends. For starters, when firms are focused on differentiation ex-marketers are most likely to get the CEO nod. Read more findings in Should Your Next CEO Be an Ex-CMO? on Texas Enterprise.

Faculty Spotlight: Professor Leigh McAlister

Professor Leigh McAlister is the Ed and Molly Smith Chair in the Department of Marketing. Leigh’s research and professional activities have, for a long time, addressed issues at the intersection of marketing knowledge development and marketing practice. Prof. McAlister’s current research projects seek to improve our understanding of the importance of marketing, both as a functional capability and as a managerial orientation, on a firm’s growth and long-term strategy. Read more in The CCIMS Report.

McCombs Marketing Faculty Research Update

Take a look at an excellent list of 2011 McCombs Marketing faculty research articles posted on the new CCIMS website.

The Value of a Strong CMO

Read great insights into the importance of the CMO role and how CMOs can succeed by positioning themselves as a powerhouse in the C-suite. Posted on Texas Enterprise, Chief Marketing Obstacles: The Treacherous Trail to CMO Success features Marketing Professor Vijay Mahajan’s research on the CMO phenomenon.

Influence of Online Ratings

Marketing faculty member Raji Srinivasan recently gave a presentation titled “Social Influence Effects on Online Ratings of Service Firms” at the McCombs Faculty Research Series. The talk was based on her online ratings research under review for the Journal of Marketing. Read an overview of the study on McCombs Today.

Gershoff Featured in Time: Why We Reject the Things that Keep us Safe

Associate Professor of Marketing Andrew Gershoff was recently published in the Journal of Consumer Research and featured on’s Healthland. His research looks at the consumer behavior in choosing safety products. Gershoff’s findings show emotions prevail over logic when safety products have a small potential for betrayal. Read a full description on McCombs Today.

New Partnership Gives Faculty Access to Retail Data

CART LogoCCIMS has partnered with the Center for Advancing Retail Technologies (CART) to provide a new data source for McCombs faculty.  Read more on McCombs Today.

Link between gift purchasing and personal identity

sad shopperDo you feel uncomfortable buying a gift you find distasteful? Susan M. Broniarczyk, a marketing professor at the McCombs School and Morgan K. Ward, an assistant professor of marketing at Southern Methodist University (and a recent McCombs Marketing PhD grad) share their research on the adverse effects shoppers experience when purchasing gifts that conflict with their own identities.  Read a full summary of the study’s findings by Dave Wenger, posted on McCombs Today.

“It’s Not Me, It’s You: How Gift Giving Creates Giver Identity Threat as a Function of Social Closeness” is a forthcoming article in the Journal of Consumer Research, by Ward and Broniarczyk.