McCombs Marketing MBA Program Top Ten Ranking in Poets & Quants

Poets & Quants recently profiled their top ten ranked MBA Programs in Marketing. McCombs made the list, ranking 10th in the nation. The McCombs overview highlights the program’s emphasis on experiential learning through curriculum, the Marketing Fellows program, and Marketing Labs. Read the full profile here.

What do Johnnie Walker, Folgers coffee and Dos Equis know about marketing that you don’t?

rob_malcolm-130x163Author: Rob Malcom, Executive in Residence in the Center for Customer Insight and Marketing Solution

Each of these brands have achieved dramatic and  transformational growth within static or declining categories many years apart, by mastering perhaps the most powerful and under appreciated lever in marketing.  No it is not social media, harnessing “big data”, nor digital, nor product innovation – although these tactics and tools were part of the programs. Read more on the Marketing Fellows blog.

Congratulations Marketing Fellows Class of 2013

We would like to congratulate the Marketing Fellows class of 2013 who graduate from the McCombs School of Business this week. CCIMS has enjoyed working with this bright and eager group of MBAs and they will be truly missed around campus.

Marketing Fellows, we wish you the best in all your endeavors and hope you will continue to stay involved with the Fellows program. We look forward to hearing about your many future successes!

Marketing MBA Students Yield Great Insights from Red McCombs

The CCIMS Marketing Fellows had a unique opportunity last week to meet with an icon in business with a very familiar name.  The Center for Customer Insight and Marketing Solutions (CCIMS) hosted a trip to McCombs Enterprises headquarters in San Antonio where a group of twenty-two had a private Q&A with the man himself—Red McCombs.  McCombs, who is almost 86 years old, eagerly greeted the group and for over two hours enthusiastically shared stories about his life.  Woven throughout his tales were tidbits of sage business advice, strong advocating for genuine hard work and an emphasis on the importance of doing something meaningful with one’s life.

In business, McCombs expressed he has always looked for people that are successful and is not reluctant to ask for guidance.  He seeks out products or services that he can do better than anyone else.  He does not create new things; he finds ways to drop the bottom line by identifying efficiencies or discovering a new need or desire for something.  McCombs also stressed the importance of cash flow and reducing “burn rate.” His first dealership cost $28 a day to operate.  On a slow day he would stay late, not being able to bring himself to leave losing money.

As a child McCombs was always fascinated by people in leadership roles and knew he wanted to be a leader in some fashion one day.  Growing up, no one in his family was in business but he was an entrepreneur before he even knew what one was.  His business career progressed at light-speed as a very young man.  How has McCombs managed to accomplish so much?  He proclaimed, “we all have 24 hours in a day so what are you going to do with it?”  Before bed he takes an inventory of what he does each day.  If he feels he came up short one day he gets up even earlier the next to make up the difference.

As for his views on philanthropy, McCombs admires people who are already successful but continue on to better the world.  He reflected on his gift to the business school with “no strings attached” and said he felt UT could do more with the money than he could and he trusted the university to do so.  With deep humility, he conveyed that doing something in life that is meaningful is what makes us truly happy.

McCombs kindly professed his appreciation for the chance to share his experiences with the Marketing Fellows.  A touch wistful, he asserted that now is an exciting time to be a student.  Today students have a lot more opportunities in scope because of great technological innovations and global expansion and “we haven’t even scratched the surface.”

Thank you, Mr. McCombs for providing our students a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Updates: McCombs Marketing Department

There is a lot going on around here! Read two recent McCombs Today posts on happenings in CCIMS and the McCombs Marketing Department. We are excited to welcome Rob Malcolm to the CCIMS team this fall as Executive-in-Residence.

Forecast 2013: McCombs Marketing Department

Announcing the First Executives-in-Residence at McCombs

Upcoming McCombs Marketing Conference

The second annual McCombs Marketing Conference is co-hosted by CCIMS and the CCIMS Marketing Fellows MBA students. In order to meet today’s marketing challenges, organizations are rethinking traditional business models and organizational structures to create new value for customers. This year’s conference will focus on entrepreneurial marketing, exploring how marketing leaders are crafting new businesses, extending the customer value-chain, supporting venture programs, and promoting entrepreneurial thinking within their organizations.

The event will have industry-renowned speakers and major companies in attendance including keynote addresses from:

  • Ross Martin, Executive Vice President at Viacom Media Networks
  • Michele Buck, Senior VP and Chief Growth Officer at The Hershey Company

“McCombs Talks” TED-style presentations including:

  • Rob Malcolm, former President of Marketing for Diageo
  • Gil Cloyd, former Chief Technology Officer of Procter and Gamble

An interactive workshop presented by Upstream with a hands-on challenge featuring tools and techniques that leverage the customer experience as a platform to generate entrepreneurial business concepts

And an expert panel on “intraprenuership” discussing how new venture programs and the entrepreneurial spirit can thrive within large organizations

More information about the conference can be found on the McCombs Marketing Conference website.

McCombs Businessweek Rankings and Featured Video

The Texas MBA Program jumped to No. 19 in Bloomberg Businessweek’s 2012 biennial ranking of the best business schools in the nation. This year included videos of MBA life at the top-25 programs. Watch the McCombs video below featuring Marketing Fellows President and Marketing Labs pioneer Ashley Weber. Congrats to the Texas MBA Program and great job Ashley for representing McCombs Marketing!

Read more about Businessweek Rankings on McCombs Today.


New Experiential Learning Initiative with Dr Pepper Snapple

Ashley Weber, MBA Brands Member

Today the new “McCombs Brand Experience” initiative is being formally announced. CCIMS in collaboration with the CCIMS Marketing Fellows, is offering real-world opportunities to experience live marketing roles, with actual results responsibility.

The first effort is being piloted by two Marketing Fellows MBA students (class of 2013) who are working as the brand team for the chocolate drink yoo-hoo, a $100 million Dr Pepper Snapple Group (DPS) brand. The team is developing a strategic marketing plan that will be presented to DPS in May, and then implemented in the fall of 2012.

CCIMS is very pleased to be partnering with DPS on this new endeavor.  Read the full press release on UT’s news page.

CCIMS Marketing Fellows Initiative Featured in WSJ Article

The word is spreading about our new initiative partnering with Dr Pepper Snapple  to provide a live MBA brand manager program at McCombs.  The Wall Street Journal published an article today featuring this new experiential learning opportunity – Real Work for Future M.B.A.s.

Congrats to the Marketing Fellows that helped launch this effort and the two Fellows pioneering the new program as yoo-hoo’s brand managers.

Highlights: McCombs Marketing Conference 2012

By Angela Adams, Marketing Fellows, Class of 2013

A few weeks have passed since the first annual McCombs Marketing Conference, and I still find myself remembering lessons from the event.  The speakers and panels were engaging and thought provoking, and following the event on Twitter (#McCombsMktConf) was not only a great way to share thoughts with other attendees, followers from the McCombs community and beyond were able to take part in the conversation.  Reflecting on the event has inspired me to write my own “Top Five Conference Highlights” list.

Bob Johansen

IT’S A VUCA WORLD: Bob Johansen, Distinguished Fellow from the Institute for the Future, and our keynote presenter introduced the idea of a V.U.C.A, world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous).  As marketers, we must accept this new reality and show up prepared to win.

FROM ‘MARKETING’ TO ‘ENGAGING’: During the first panel, The Impact of Innovation on Shopper Marketing, we discussed how marketing is shifting towards people focused engagement.  Though all agreed with the thinking, our panelists were asked if they were ready to change their titles from “Marketing Executive” to “Engagement Executive” – not quite there yet!

Panel Session I: John Ellett, Michael Treichler, Marissa Solis, Brian Graham, Art Ash

A FAST DECISION THAT IS WRONG IS BETTER THAN A SLOW DECISION THAT IS RIGHT: Panel two, Leveraging Marketing Analytics for the Future, again brought great discussion and thought provoking questions.  Chris Winiewicz, Director for WW Channel Management at AMD, reminded us not only of the power of data in decision making, but of the importance of speed.

Panel Session II: Chris Winiewicz, Jeff Urbanek, George Sadler (Joseph Kelly & Ty Henderson not pictured)

NEXT GENERATION ANALYTICS: George Sadler, Marketing Director at Dell, during the second panel, encouraged us to think about the future of analytics, and how we might go about quantifying things we think can’t be quantified.  This is particularly true of social media; we must learn to count the digital conversations surrounding our brand.  Speaking of social media, we had over 80 tweets about the conference this year!

Jodi Allen

LOOK FOR HUMAN INSIGHTS TO ACHIEVE PURPOSE DRIVEN MARKETING: Jodi Allen, the Vice President of NA Marketing & Brand Operations at Procter & Gamble kicked off the event Thursday night with a keynote presentation, showing us how P&G is using purpose driven marketing to promote brands at the 2012 Summer Olympics.  The sample ads she showed even brought a few tears! 

Looking back on the conference, I am truly proud to have been a part of it.  The Marketing Fellows and CCIMS did an incredible job bringing together outstanding keynote speakers, panelists, moderators, and attendees.  The event provided great opportunities to learn and network, and participating in the social media conversation was a really fun way to not only share insights, but to promote the great things CCIMS and McCombs Marketing Fellows are capable of.  And I am definitely looking forward to next year’s event already! 

1st Annual McCombs Marketing Conference Only 3 Weeks Away!

“Insights and Actions for Tomorrow’s Marketing Challenges”
February 16 & 17, 2012
AT&T Conference Center • Austin, Texas

The first annual McCombs Marketing Conference, co-hosted by CCIMS and the CCIMS Marketing Fellows MBA students, will spotlight trends shaping innovation in Marketing. The program will focus on how these trends affect the current marketplace and how marketers can capitalize on the trends to position themselves ahead of their peers.

The event will have industry-renowned speakers including keynote addresses from Bob Johansen, Distinguished Fellow of Institute for the Future and Jodi Allen, Procter & Gamble’s Vice President of Marketing for North America. In addition, there will be panels discussing topics on “The Impact of Innovation on Shopper Marketing” and “Leveraging Marketing Analytics for the Future.”

More information about the conference can be found on the Marketing Conference Web site.

McCombs #1 in Business School Professors

UT Tower 11-10-11

Last night the tower was lit burnt-orange to honor the McCombs faculty for their impressive new ranking. McCombs is top in the nation for best professors in the Princeton Review’s annual guide to Business Schools.

The ranking was determined by student ratings. Student quotes from the rankings survey highlight McCombs Marketing’s contributions to this prestigious designation. Student quotes included:

The University of Texas at Austin is the “best school in the region” and is “well-known for academic excellence in many aspects, such as accounting, entrepreneurial, IT management, marketing, and energy finance.”

“Some highlights of McCombs include the “Marketing Fellows organization in academics” and the “commitment to development of the top energy reputation among business schools.”

Read more about the Princeton Review’s report on McCombs Today: McCombs Ranks First For Best Business School Prof

Congratulations McCombs Faculty!

Second Annual Marketing Fellows Brand Camp

On Friday, September 2, the Marketing Fellows put on their second annual Marketing Camp for first-year McCombs MBAs, this year represented by CCIMS companies AT&T, Deloitte, and Frito-Lay.

Over 50 first-year MBA students got the opportunity to learn about marketing careers through a morning career panel with representatives from each sponsor company and networking lunch.
During the afternoon, the students worked in teams to create a nationwide marketing strategy for (the now (in)famous) Calbee’s Shrimp Flavored Chips, a historically niche product with appeal on the west coast. The team consisting of Allison Steinberg, Alejandra Carlos-Padilla, Colleen Butts and Tiarna Harman (pictured above) won based on their comprehensive short term and long term strategy and ability to present a complex marketing plan in a clear and concise manner.

The camp was beneficial to both students and companies alike, and we look forward to working with them this year.

By Brian Mastey, Marketing Fellows, Class of 2012