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Michael Scott isn’t the only fictional boss audiences love to hate. Here, a cast of characters we’d rather not have to answer to.

  • Mr. Burns (“The Simpsons”) – Blatant disregard and disdain for employees. Also, very creepy.
  • Miranda Priestly (“The Devil Wears Prada”) – Outrageous requests, impossibly high standards and a chilling glare.
  • Darth Vader (“Star Wars”) – Unusually high mortality rate among his staff.
  • The Pointy-Haired Boss (“Dilbert”) – Arguably Michael Scott’s comic-strip predecessor. Unfortunate combination of micromanaging and incompetency.
  • Katharine Parker (“Working Girl”) – All too happy to listen to her secretary’s ideas—and then take credit for them.
  • Franklin Hart, Jr. (“Nine to Five”) – You know you’re a bad boss when your employees resort to kidnapping you in order to make their opinions heard.

So just who is the worst boss ever? We go to the streets to uncover stories of terrible bosses- both real and imagined.

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