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Graduation profile: Marvin Alvarenga, BBA \'15
Major: Finance and Accounting minor What are you passionate about? I grew up under extreme poverty in El Salvador and have been fortunate and blessed with many things here in the USA, that is why I like to give back by helping the less privileged (More)
Meet Our Commencement Speaker: Nancy Bonds, BBA \'15
  Major: Finance Biggest accomplishment: Making friends who will pick me up at the airport at 2 a.m. Also, singing \"The Eyes of Texas\" before home football games as president of Texas Orange Jackets, the oldest women\'s honorary service (More)
Graduation Profile: Bradley Roofner, BBA/BHP \'15
Major: Finance and Business Honors Program What are you passionate about? Building companies and building relationships Internship: Five States Energy, a private equity oil and gas firm in Dallas, TX Study Abroad: The University of Edinbu (More)
Graduation Profile: Angela Morisette, BBA \'15
Major: BHP and Marketing What are you passionate about? I am passionate about storytelling and persuasion. I am excited to work in consulting post-grad so I can help businesses achieve their best results, and I hope I can use my passions above (More)
Graduation Profile: Suzy Felfeli, BBA \'15
Major: Corporate Finance, minor in Accounting What are you passionate about? Career wise, I am passionate about finance and finding a story beyond the numbers. I look forward to entering the corporate world and dedicating my time to learning and (More)
Graduation Profile: Vianey Rangel, BBA/MPA \'15
  Major: Integrated Master of Professional Accounting What are you passionate about? Increasing the numbers of minorities in higher education. Internship: Discovery Internship - Deloitte Audit Internship - Deloitte Study Abroad: (More)
Graduation Profile: Jacob Spangler, BBA/BHP \'15
  Major: Business Honors, Plan II, Supply Chain Management What are you passionate about? Travelling the world learning others\' cultures. 13 countries in the past six months alone! Internships: Accenture, ConocoPhillips Study Ab (More)
Graduation Profile: Nikhil Kumar, BBA \'15
  Major: Double Major in Finance & Economics What are you passionate about? I am extremely passionate about teaching. After I retire from the professional world, I have always envisioned teaching. My passion stems from my volunteer work (More)
Graduation Profile: Sloane Harper Bain, BBA \'15
Major: Finance, minor MIS Certificate: Elements of Computing What are you passionate about? Everything! But, if I had to pick three things, I would say people, Broadway, and technology. I have always been a social person, but during my time at M (More)
Graduation profile: Rachel Gosch, BBA/BHP \'15
  Majors: Mathematics Honors and BHP (& a minor in Finance)  What are you passionate about? Travelling! I’m always taking every opportunity I can to see more of the world. I love exploring new places, trying new foods, and experiencin (More)
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