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Ellsworth Kelly's Austin
The Blanton Museum of Art hosts a permanent collection consisting of over 17,000 works, which includes a plethora of European paintings, prints and drawings, and a vast collection of modern and contemporary American and Latin American art. The museum (More)
What Diversity Means in the Texas McCombs MBA Community
Here at McCombs, we feel lucky every day to be surrounded by such awesome students. Their intelligence, ambition, and genuine nature is truly humbling. Our students and staff value the ability to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for MBAs (More)
Texas MBA Love Stories
This Valentine's Day, we checked in with some of our MBA alumni who found love at McCombs and have tied the knot in the last year. Find out how they met and what they're up to now. Michelle Sutton '16 and Javier Armenteros '16 More)
MPA Student Profile - Haley Wall
Name: Haley Wall Hometown:  Fort Worth, TX MPA track: Financial Reporting & Assurance Class status: Fourth Year Graduation date: May 2019 Why d (More)
How to be a Dog Lover in Austin When You Don't Own a Dog
If you are anything like me, you often find yourself bonding with dogs more than you bond with people, and you would much rather hang out with dogs than most other beings. Same. But being a full-time grad student, I know I don’t have time to have a d (More)
Places to Relax on the UT Campus
Fall is finally here! Temperatures are dropping, Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back in business, and students are breaking out their long-sleeve Comfort Colors. (More)
Meet McCombs on Social Media
The easiest way to keep up with Texas MBA news, admissions updates, and student life is to follow the The Texas MBA Program on social media. Our students and st (More)
Texas MBA Global Connections: Explore. Discover. Lead.
Texas MBAs went global this spring with study tours across six countries -- Cuba, India, China, South Africa, Malaysia, and Thailand! These tours are part of the More)
Bullet Journaling - Staying Organized Beautifully!
Anyone who knows me knows I love organization. I get excited about buying planners and stationary (I am indeed a nerd).  I know that other people do not find the same joy in planning. Warning: if you are that person, this article will be painfully bo (More)
Say Cheese
Photography Part Two I’m excited to say my trip to Precision Camera was a success. After two visits, I left with a brand ne (More)
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