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"It was the first time I felt how small my little bubble in Texas was compared to how big the world really is."
Victoria Young | University of Bath (Spring 2016) Why did you consider studying abroad?  Studying abroad had been on my co (More)
Throwback Thursday 10/27: McCombs School of Business
Those who walk around the UT campus are usually impressed by its beauty and scope. Older buildings stand alongside newer ones and provide a visual history of the university. However, there's one building that probably wouldn't fit in on campus: the f (More)
Throwback Thursday: Registration
By Mary Dolan Registration is almost here! While many students may stress about getting classes and making the perfect schedule, (More)
Throwback Thursday: Beating OU Since 1916
By Mary Dolan In honor of Texas-OU weekend, we're doing a Throwback Thursday for UT's continued dominance over OU! In relation to McCombs, Texas BBA was established in 1916, one year before OU's College of Business. However, when most peopl (More)
McCombs Students Explore Study Abroad Opportunities
Ever wanted to travel to South America, Europe, and more? Well, now's your chance! This year's Study Abroad Fair--organized by the BBA International Programs Office--kicked off on September 20th. The fair is meant to introduce new and returning McCom (More)
Gone To Business Welcomes New Freshmen
The 2016-2017 academic year kicked off with Gone to Business, an event welcoming new McCombs students to both the school and to UT as a whole. As they waited in line outside the UT, several students talked with friends, filled each other in on their (More)
BBA Sophomore Shares Leadership Growth Experience
The following blog post by Sophomore Ariel Arellano testifies the impact Wakonse Conference had on his leadership growth. Ariel was selected by the Leadership Program Staff to attend the conference because of the initiative he took to get to know his (More)
Bakes, Makes, and Decorates: A Hailey Shuster Spotlight
Hailey Shuster, Marketing ’18, is just another college student trying to juggle school, sleep, and a social life. However, she also has something else on her plate—a growing cake business she runs from her apartment, where she makes and decorates swe (More)
Meet your team leads Zach & Lauren – McCombs Kickoff August 22
Zach Schultz Grade: Senior Major: BHP, Supply Chain Management Hometown: Austin, Texas “I attended McCombs Kickoff my fres (More)
Meet your team leads Katie & Dylan – McCombs Kickoff August 22
Katie Walt Year: Junior Major: Master in Professional Accounting Hometown: Katy, Texas “Kickoff is where I have met some of (More)
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