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HBA Dinner with Professor Events Connect Students Outside of Class
Each year, the Honors Business Association (HBA) coordinates Dinner with a Professor (DWAP) events for BHP students. These are some of our most popular events. Students and professors enjoy getting to know one a (More)
Faculty Spotlight: Jedrzej Bialkowski - STA 375H
Written by Megan Tran-Olmsted After building relationships with The University of Texas during his first visit in 2012, visiting professor Jedrzej Bialkowski was invited by the Department of Finance to teach and conduct research at UT for the Spri (More)
BHP Advisor Tisha Monsey Wins Campus Advising Award
BHP Academic Advisor Tisha Monsey was selected as one of five winners of the campus-wide Vick Advising Award, administered by the Texas Exes. The aw (More)
Students Compete in International Case Competition at USC
In February a BBA team of three BHP juniors and one iMPA junior competed in the Marshall International Case Competition at USC. Only 17 top-ranked international and U.S. business school (More)
Professor Spotlight: Greta Fenley - BA101H
Greta Fenley teaches BA101: Professional Development and Career Planning, to BHP freshmen every Fall semester and is also the resident BHP matchmaker, but not in the way that you might think. Greta has an extensive personal network of working profess (More)
Calling BHP Students: Apply to be a BHP Peer Mentor or Peer Advisors
The BHP office is currently taking applications for the roles of Peer Advisor and Peer Mentor. These two positions are essential to the program and are a great way to get more involved, gain skills and help others! Read more about the experiences of (More)
Professor Spotlight: Robert Prentice - LEB 323H
Written by Audra Fields “’Be the kind of person your dog thinks you are’ ~Robert Prentice” I read as I cracked open my BHP-customized fortune cookie, a part of a playful initiative to encourage ethical behavior at McCombs. Not only is that advice (More)
Professor Spotlight: Douglas Hannah - MAN 374H
Currently, only BHP seniors have the privilege of learning from Douglas Hannah in class, but that is about to change. Dr. Hannah currently teaches the BHP capstone course MAN 374H, which focuses on business strategy. All BHP students take MAN 374H be (More)
Professor Spotlight: Christopher Meakin - LEB 323H
Professor Christopher Meakin teaches LEB 323H- Legal and Ethical Environment of Business. Professor Meakin lights up the classroom with his passion for ethics; from the readings, to cases, to real-life examples in class, Professor Meakin is able to e (More)
Professor Spotlight: Eric Chan - ACC 312H
Professor Eric Chan teaches Managerial Accounting (ACC 312H) for the Business Honors Program at UT – the second class in the introduction to accounting sequence. Chan’s schooling has brought him around the world: from his hometown in the bustling cit (More)
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