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The Conscience of a Capitalist
"We need to discover anew what makes free-enterprise capitalism what it has been: the most powerful creative system of social cooperation and human progress ever conceived. We next need to rethink why and how we engage in business to better refle (More)
Come and Build It: An Entrepreneurs Journey
There are some people who keep on moving around all their lives looking for their own particular paradise. For me, I was lucky because I found mine in Texas. It has plenty of room for any dream I’ve ever had. But, try telling that to a wife and famil (More)
7 Truths of Being an Entrepreneur
Reprinted with permission from DivInc. Being an entrepreneur is like jumping out of a perfectly fine aircraft and hoping you can create a parachute before you hit the bottom. Knowing the following 7 things b (More)
SXSW McCombs Entrepreneurship Night Recap
In case you missed it the Texas MSTC program cohosted the annual SXSW McCombs Entrepreneurship night where successful McCombs entrepreneurs from the Texas MSTC Program showcased their startups. It was a great time to reconnect with old friends, make (More)
SmartCities: Economic Development with Innovation
The following is an excerpt from a Mexican National Journal written by a Javier Cabrero an MSTC Alumni. You can find the full report More)
The Winning Pitch: How Team Flipped Health Nailed the TVL Investment Competition
By Pitch Academy We’re excited to announce that on February 5, 2015, our very own Flipped Health won the 2015 Texas Venture Labs Investment Competition! Read on to find out what set (More)
Key Takeaways from the Texas MSTC Class of 2015
Just over a week ago, The University of Texas at Austin\'s Master of Science in Technology Commercialization (MSTC) Program\'s Class of 2015 walked across the stage to collect their (More)
MSTC Alumni Company ENTvantage Dx Makes Austin\'s A-List
The Austin Chamber of Commerce recently announced its 2015 Austin A-List, naming MSTC alumni company ENTvantage DX as one of the 12 most promising ventures in A (More)
MSTC Alumni Company, Seismos, Completes Series A
Congrats to MSTC alumni company, Seismos, on completing its Series A round of funding, raising $4M in financing! Seismos, founded by MSTC 2013 alumni Panos Adamopoulos, provides subsurface fluid flow monitoring for oil and gas production. While (More)
150 Patents Later, What One Female Inventor Learned About Innovation
Originally posted on Forbes by Lisa Seacat DeLuca Software engineer. Inventor. Mother (More)
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