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How the MSTC works with your MBA
By Rod Lee CSU MBA ‘13/UTexas MSTC ‘17 I know a lot of people have considered the MSTC program, but have asked the question: “Why do I need this business degree if I already ha (More)
Scholarships & Financial Aid at McCombs
We recognize that pursuing an MBA is a big investment in your future. The Texas Full-Time MBA Program is proud to have been named More)
Top 5 COFFEE SHOPs to get it done
By Mari Senosiain Sometimes one needs get out of the house and find a coffee shop to get some work done. It could be that home is too loud, there is a lot going on or it might even (More)
SXSW McCombs Entrepreneurship Night Recap
In case you missed it the Texas MSTC program cohosted the annual SXSW McCombs Entrepreneurship night where successful McCombs entrepreneurs from the Texas MSTC Program showcased their startups. It was a great time to reconnect with old friends, make (More)
She Started It: A Documentary on Women Tech Founders
By Sheena Moore/UTexas MSTC ‘17 The facts are alarming at the start of She Started It, a documentary film empowering the next generation of women founders. Women create only 3% of tech startup (More)
The Golden Age of Technology
By Maricarmen Senosiain MBI ‘16/UTexas MSTC ‘17 As we enter our final semester of the MSTC program, I’ve started to count down the days to graduation. Th (More)