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The NON-Numeric You: You Are Not Your GPA
From the Texas MBA Admissions Team This may come as a shock to some of you. Brace yourself. In the world of MBA Admissions, your numbers are not everything. By “numbers", we're referring to the ones applicants tend to obsess over when they submit (More)
Fall 2018 Applicants: Prepare Early!
Applying to the Texas MPA program for fall 2018? Start preparing now! Review our More)
U.S. Applicants: March 31 Final Deadline
We are quickly approaching the final March 31 deadline. If you are interested in applying to the Texas MPA program and haven’t done so, you will ha (More)
U.S. Application Deadline Extended for Fall 2017
The Texas MPA program decided to extend the Fall 2017 U.S. application deadline to March 31 to provide applicants with additional time (More)
International Applicants: January 5 Application Deadline
International applicants: Your application deadline is quickly approaching! Be sure to continuously monitor the status o (More)
U.S. Applicants: December 1 Deadline
If you are working on completing your application by the December 1 early deadline… great! Your application will be first i (More)
International Applicant FAQs
Are all of the application materials required by the January 5 application deadline? All More)
MPA Application: GMAT
UT-Austin code for the GMAT: 396-44-94 Tips: All MPA applicants are required to submit GMAT scores. No waiver requests are accepted. We do not a (More)
U.S. Applicants: When Should You Apply?
We review U.S. applications on rolling basis, in the order of file completion, starting in December. Therefore, U.S. applicants benefit by complet (More)
MPA Application: Resume
We recommend that you follow the More)
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