Student Spotlight: Amberlea Tribble

amberlea_tribbleAmberlea Tribble is a sophomore majoring in BHP and Finance. She is a dedicated and accomplished equestrian, competing in hunter, jumper and equitation events.

“Every girl wants a pony, and I was able to have one,” she jokes. As a young girl she trained with her horse, but became committed to enhancing her techniques in high school as it was a  new challenge for her.  Currently, Amberlea and her horse, Prince, compete on an individual and University level with the UT equestrian team. all-that-jpg

Balancing BHP coursework and the equestrian team is challenging Amberlea admits. “I ride about twice a week and try to compete at least once every two months,” she says. She did have to cut back from high schoool, when she was riding five days a week. Amberlea also serves as a Startup Meetup Manager for the Longhorn Entrepreneurship Agency. UT LEA is part of UT’s Student Government. It connects UT students to resources, and provides opportunities for developing unique and innovative business ideas. She is also involved in the University Finance Association, an organization that teaches students how to invest, and introduces them to different investment opportunities.

Before graduating, Amberlea plans to travel to Europe to study abroad and learn more about their culture. She will also continue to compete over the next two years. We look forward to following her accomplishments!

Student Spotlight: Humza Tariq

Humza Tariq, BHP

BHP Junior, Humza Tariq, is the founder and president of the Texas Sports Analytics Group and co-chair for both the Texas Undergraduate Investment Team and the BHP Ethics Board. While balancing three internships, he has received University Honors for the past two years and is a Distinguished College Scholar.

You created your own student organization, Texas Sports Analytics. Can you tell us your motivation behind this?
Growing up, I really loved math, statistics, and sports. In high school, I read countless sports statistics blogs and saw different ways of looking at sports. When I came to UT, I spent the first two years thinking it would be great if there was a group on campus that was dedicated to doing research on sports through a statistical lens.

No similar organization existed to my knowledge, so I finally got the courage to start one with a couple of my friends. We then started to notice a large amount of job postings on social media sites for NBA teams for jobs that combined sports and data analytics. The ultimate goal for this group is to serve as a recruiting pipeline for students interested in working for large teams in the NFL and NBA, and hopefully in the future expand to golf and tennis leagues.

What have you learned from your various internships?
I have interned with a real estate company, a local private equity firm, and an investment bank. Through my experience, I have gained new skills and sharpened others. All of the internships have taught me about being an adult in the workforce and having to go to work every morning. They teach you to manage your time wisely when you are put on several projects that have deadlines around the same time. And, they give you an insight to certain sectors that you may or may not be passionate about. Overall, I recommend that every student at McCombs intern as much as possible, because it is really valuable.

How do you manage your schedule and excel academically and professionally?
Managing my collegiate schedule was tough at first—trying to balance class, studying, and extracurricular activities. It is necessary that everyone find their way to stay organized and keep up with assignments. I personally spend one day a week to get as much done as possible. Instead of sleeping in on Saturday, I will wake up a couple of hours early, study hard, and then I am set for the rest of the weekend and able to study normally during the week.

Budgeting time is also important. Be honest and realistic with yourself about how much time something will take. I plan out all important dates and assignments in a planner, but a personal trick I have found useful is texting myself things I need to do and leaving them as unread messages until they are completed.

Beyond academic and professional development, what else do you find important as a college student?
In the next few years I want to give back as much as I can. I want to having a prospective on the bigger things. It’s easy in the business school to get wrapped up in careers and jobs. It is nice to be driven and motivated, but you should never let it get in the way of friendships or having a prospective of what is going on in the world.  Sometimes you are so wrapped up that you forget what is around you and those less-fortunate.  I encourage my peers to see what one can do to help out the Austin community. I am working towards achieving this and I think we should all keep this in mind as students. It’s important to stay grounded and humble in all you do, no matter your level of success.

What do you want to do when you graduate? What are your future aspirations?
I always enjoy keeping my options open and having an open mind when it comes to career decisions. Outside of work, I am interested in non-profits, specifically in social finance—investing in businesses that do social good. I want to do some good in the world. If there is a way to incorporate finance, I think that would be really interesting.

Student Spotlight: Catherine King – HBA President

Catherine King - BHP student

BHP Senior, Catherine King, is the current president of the Honors Business Association. Catherine is majoring in BHP and MIS. This past summer, she interned for Shell Oil Company and is excited to announce she has three full-time offers from prominent oil and gas firms in the field of Management Information Systems.

Why did you choose UT and specifically the BHP program?
I was applying to colleges all over the nation hoping to leave Texas to try something new. I found out about BHP, applied, and was accepted. After touring the BHP program office and sitting in a couple of classes, I felt that it was more of a community than any of the other campuses I had visited. I could just tell that students were in a very collaborative and positive environment rather than an environment where students pit themselves against each other.

I am from Austin and I thought it would be too much of the same. I was happy to see that the campus is a completely different environment than Austin itself. All of my childhood friends went to different universities so it was not like a repeat of high school. It was a completely new experience, and I found a great community in BHP, which is also why I joined HBA.

What advice would you give to any students interested in MIS?
I think people fear MIS because they think it is all programming, but it is not. We connect the end user and the programmer to ensure that functionality and end user goals are met. It is all about communication and knowing how the technical people do what they do. If you can communicate well and are interested in technology, MIS is for you.

What enticed you to become a member of the Honors Business Association?
I joined Delta Gamma sorority right before freshman year began. I realized that organizations make the campus smaller and with Delta Gamma I had the social side, but I wanted an academic organization as well.

Honors Business Association was able to fulfill my need to be part of an extended academic community. I attended the first meeting for the free food and heard the president and executive members give an overview of HBA. They all were so funny and light-hearted. I didn’t expect that from an organization in the UT business school. It had the perfect balance of professionalism and fun.

I quickly realized that HBA makes you a very well rounded student. We are not just academic, but we are also philanthropic. We have academic events with professors. You can visit their homes, dine at restaurants, or play golf with them to get to know them on a more personal level. We also have networking events, socials, and formals to enhance your academic pursuits. HBA gives you an overall experience in Austin and BHP.

As President, what do you plan to do differently with HBA?
What we have been doing the last couple of years works well, but my executive members have had some new initiatives that we are committed to starting. We created a buddy program that pairs a new freshman with a sophomore buddy. We started recycling at meetings. And that is only the beginning. Small, yet strategic, enhancements to our current activities and initiatives will make a big difference and will make our organization more effective.

What keeps a member actively involved in HBA?
People who get involved in the beginning find those 30 members you become really good friends with. They go to all the meetings and events. If you want that close set of friends, you can find them in HBA and continue with them throughout your career at UT. If you are looking for that sense of community and haven’t found it outside of the business school, HBA is always a home to the BHP students and I think everyone that is active or inactive feels that,they are always welcome.

Student Spotlight: Angela Meng – Professional VP for ABSA

Angela-MengAngela Meng is a junior majoring in BHP and MIS. This year she serves as the Professional Vice President for the Asian Business Students Association (ABSA). She has been very active in the organization since her freshman year and continues to do more each year out of a love for the organization and a desire to give back.

Angela attended Plano Senior High School and first became interested in the BHP through her older sister who went through the program. She ultimately chose BHP over other schools she had applied to because of the prestige of the program and the positive experience her sister had.

Angela’s sister had encouraged her to check out ABSA, and she was blown away from the very first meeting by the commitment the officers had for the organization. She fondly recalled her first ever general meeting where the officers dressed up in business professional under 100 degree Texan weather to present in front of the organization as a memory that inspired her to grow to become as dedicated as they were.   As a freshman, she got involved with planning their company field trip and helping with Scoring Careers, which involved cold calls to companies and a lot of logistics work. The position forced her to get out of her comfort zone. After serving last year in an internal role as social director, she returned to the professional side, serving as Professional VP this year.

In this role, she manages a committee organizing company general meetings, Scoring Careers, professional workshops and company field trips. Scoring Careers is a joint event with HBSA that happens the day before the McCombs Career Expo. It is a more casual event, which aims to put everyone, especially underclassmen, at ease before the official career fair. The event faced many challenges this year, and Angela was proud of the success of the event which she attributes to the hard work of many students who were involved in planning the event.

Her role in ABSA takes a significant amount of time, but Angela says she is more than happy to devote that time to the organization. “I have tried other organizations and been involved across campus, but ABSA is home to me, and no matter where you go, at the end of the day it feels good to go home.”

Angela has also been involved in UT’s Madrigal Dinner for the past two years, singing and acting in a 57-member cast. The dinner/performance takes place over just one weekend, but the group rehearses all of fall semester for it, putting in about 10 hours a week of rehearsals. “I happened upon it by chance, but it is a great source of stress relief for me, and it helped me make friends with students from other majors,” said Angela.

Angela added MIS as her second major after greatly enjoying her MIS 301H class. “I had been interested in Engineering and Computer Science, but when I took my MIS intro class, I was drawn towards the field. It is a cross-functional field. MIS professionals can act as the bridge between business and computer science functions.”

She already completed one internship after her sophomore year with Ericsson, working in sales support, and she will be interning this summer with Accenture in a management consulting role. Sales was never something she thought she was incapable of doing, but she learned from the internship that she was capable and even enjoyed sales work. She also enjoyed learning about Ericsson’s cutting-edge technology.

As a senior next year, Angela would like to continue serving ABSA and spend some time enjoying Austin before graduation. She is trying to stay open to opportunities and thinks this is the best way to make the most of your time at UT. “Don’t be afraid to try anything and don’t be narrow in your view of what you can do,” she says. “You gain something from all of your experiences that end up helping you in ways you might never realize until it happens .”

Senior Reflections from the Class of 2014

Each May we have to say goodbye to around 100 BHP seniors as they graduate and move on to the next phase of their lives. The BHP Class of 2014 made their mark not only on BHP, but on McCombs and the entire UT campus. In fact, they even raised more than $22,000 from their class this past month to benefit the BHP Make-a-Mark scholarship fund, which funds merit-based scholarships for incoming BHP students. Before they left, we asked some of them to provide us with reflections on their time in the BHP. We look forward to welcoming all of the BHP Class of 2014 graduates to the BHP alumni family!


BHP has given me community, perspective and direction. My peers were the ones who motivated me to interview for a consulting position at Bain, and I couldn’t be more grateful to them as I look forward to what comes next. The faculty in BHP is incredible, and I have found some of my best mentors in my professors. I have been able to gain such a competitive education within such a supportive environment has made for an incredible four years that I will always cherish.

Holland Finley
Associate Consultant, Bain

I am so unbelievably honored to be a part of a community filled with driven, successful, talented people. The program has challenged me within and without the classroom, helping me to excel in academics and extracurriculars. I found a home in BHP and a group of friends for whom I am immeasurably grateful.

Mukul Ramakrishnan
Attending Medical School

The past four years in BHP have truly been the best of my life. I never anticipated the second family that I would find here or the vast amount of knowledge I would gain from my professors. My BHP roots will always stay with me throughout my career and will definitely give me a leg up in my future endeavors.

Chris Pavlich
Management Consultant, Sense Corp

The Business Honors Program has defined my college experience. In the program, I have met some of my closest friends and have been able to grow into the person I am today. I will forever be grateful to BHP for everything is has offered me, and I plan to stay connected to the program for many years to come.

Oscar Barbosa
Financial Analyst, ExxonMobil

The BHP has been more than an academic program for me — it has been a community. The students and professors have not only pushed me to greater heights academically and professionally, but they have also been my closest friends and mentors.

–  Courtney Brindle
Business Analyst, Deloitte Consulting

The BHP has been my home for the past four years; it has provided me with the best undergraduate business education, amazing career opportunities, and many life-long friends. I could not have imagined a better college experience. The relationships that I have developed here will remain long into the future.

Robert Belanger
Financial Analyst, ExxonMobil

The Business Honors Program really fosters personal growth beyond the walls of the classroom. No matter what pursuits you have, you’ll be supported by a tight-knit community of accomplished friends that challenge you to outdo yourself and leave an impact somewhere on the 40 Acres or beyond it. It’s the call to always outgrow my comfort level that will carry with me after graduation day.

Nick Bedenkop
Financial Analyst, Frito-Lay

BHP has given me the unique opportunity of developing a more holistic view of the business environment.  I think that college students have a tendency to identify a subject they like and then narrow their focus on that particular topic – BHP gives room for students to create a basic understanding of and appreciation for multiple business functions, outside of purely finance or accounting, for instance.  This wider perspective is valuable to employers and has given me a competitive edge in the labor market.

Daniel Amin
Investment Banking Analyst, Goldman Sachs

I could not be more thankful for the incredible education I received from the Business Honors Program. The BHP has challenged me to become a more critical thinker and to continuously set higher academic and professional standards for myself. I have made lifelong friendships with my peers, advisors, and professors, and know I will have a strong support system from my BHP community in the future.

Bari Rabinovich
Assurance Associate, PwC

The Business Honors Program defined the majority my college enjoyment and success through the unique academic, professional, and social opportunities it provided. In addition to working with incredibly talented and passionate students and faculty, I made my best friends in college through the close-knit community of BHP. I am certain that the friends I met and the lessons I learned while in BHP will stay with me long after graduation, and I look forward to staying involved with BHP as an alumnus.

Forrest Ripley
Graduate School – UT Data Analytics Program

As a Student Recruiter for BHP, I always tell prospective students that the people in this program are what make it so great. The students in BHP are some of the most inspiring, talented, dedicated, and genuine people that I know, and they push me every day to be a better student, person, and friend. This network of peers has really shaped me into the person I am today, and the relationships I have made in the program will no doubt last beyond graduation. I am truly grateful to be a part of this community.

Josh Hu
5th year Masters in Professional Accounting (MPA) student

The Business Honors Program has profoundly shaped my undergraduate career by challenging me every day to think critically about the type of leader that I aspire to be in all facets of my life beyond the Forty Acres. I could not be more thankful for the education and professional opportunities the BHP has offered me throughout my time in McCombs, and most of all, I cannot fully express my gratitude for this wonderful community that is shared by all students, faculty, and staff in the program. A number of my fondest memories in and outside of the classroom over the past four years have been with my BHP peers, and I look forward to cherishing these lifelong friendships in the many years ahead.

Michelle Moon
Financial Analyst, ExxonMobil