Oct. 28th – VIP Speaker Alice Schroeder

VIP Distinguished Speaker Series – A Conversation with Alice Schroeder, Author
October 28th at 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. in WEL 3.502

Please join us as New York Times Best Selling Author, Alice Schroeder, the author of The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life, discusses her experience writing this novel about and alongside Warren Buffett, one of the most famed investors and financial minds in history. Schroeder will discuss her past career as a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley and how she came to write Mr. Buffett’s biography. She will discuss her experience with Mr. Buffett and lessons learned from him, and give students advice on how to lead successful careers.

Lock Your Computer

Data theft and identity theft often occur because someone left a computer logged on and walked away long enough for someone else to sit down and use their passwords. Here at the University of Texas, students, faculty and staff should lock their computers any time they step away from their computers. Many of us have our browsers save our passwords. You don’t want a stranger reading your emails, messing up your Netflix account, or accessing your bank account!

Computer security is a serious issue on campus and the Windows lock shortcut is a simple command you can use to make sure no one can access your computer while you are away from your desk.

Locking your computer will not shut down any programs or files you are working on. Your user name and password will get you right back where you left off.

To lock your computer:
Windows Key + L.

To unlock your computer:
Ctrl + Alt + Delete, then enter your user name and password.