Intern Spotlight: Swetha Davuluru – Deloitte

Swetha Davuluru – Deloitte, Houston

What were you doing in your role?

I was a Pioneer Intern at Deloitte. I rotated between what’s called an enabling area (the IT department) for one week and a client-service line (Audit) for two weeks. I also worked on a final project with the other two Pioneer interns in the Houston office. During the internship, I was able to travel to Dallas and Atlanta for training where I met the other 70 interns from around the country. While working in IT, I deployed pre-images on Deloitte laptops and assisted at the walk-up. While I was in Audit, I worked on the Enterprise Products team assisting in updating workpapers, rolling-forward memos and balance sheets, and shadowing members of the team to see the various aspects of an audit.

Biggest lesson you learned or ways you grew in this internship:

I realized how important fit is with a company. The Audit team I worked with was in a very dreary office space, but they were able to make it lively with their team dynamic and relationships with one another. I was able to see firsthand how important it is to have a positive relationship with the people you work with. I also feel this showed me how diverse people can come together in the workplace. Deloitte is a huge proponent of diversity initiatives (our final project was centered around it), and I was able to learn a lot about how diversity contributes to success. I personally was intrigued by how diverse people can make an unexpected good fit.

What did you like most about this internship?

I appreciated that I saw so much within the company. Because I worked in two different areas and was able to freely contact other professionals, I feel that I was exposed to a lot of what Deloitte does. This was very helpful to me, as an incoming sophomore, to figure out what path I want to take in my career. Everyone around me was very honest about what they do which allowed me to form an accurate opinion.

Did you get to experience living in a new city? If so, what was that like for you?

I did not live in a new city during this internship, but I was able to travel to Atlanta and Dallas through the program which was a great experience. Aside from training in Atlanta, I was able to see various attractions around the city like the Centennial Park and the CNN center with other interns. In Dallas, all the interns came together at Deloitte University. It was a great way to supplement the relationships we had built in Atlanta.

Anything else you want to point out to other students about your internship experience?

I would say to take the opportunity to reach out and ask for what you want in any situation. At Deloitte, this was clearly told to us. Once I followed this advice, I saw the positive impact it had on my career path and even my personal thoughts. I clearly communicated to my team what work I was interested in, and they did their best to give that to me. This made my internship experience so much more enjoyable and engaging. I think the ability to speak to people who have been in your shoes, whether it’s about classes or your career, and their insight is extremely helpful.

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