Summer Internship | Student Spotlight: Michelle Biancardi – H-E-B Grocery

DSC_2460editedCompany: H-E-B Grocery
Position: Procurement Intern

What is your major, and how do you think what you’ve learned at McCombs has helped you with this internship?

I interned this summer with H-E-B Grocery Co. in their Grocery Procurement and Merchandising department. I worked with the team that stocks the inner aisles of the store on a project related to the upcoming holiday season. I filled a cross-departmental communications role to develop tools to aid alignment between the corporate and in-store teams. I drew on much of the BA324 Business Communications curriculum as I met with partners from all parts of the company to develop materials for communicating new initiatives and key action items.

What is unique about the company and culture of H-E-B Grocery?

As a consumer I had experienced H-E-B’s commitment to their “Because People Matter” motto, but this slogan was something I was pleasantly surprised to find essential to their corporate culture and a key motivation among both Partners who were just starting their careers with H-E-B and those well into their 30+ years of experience. The confidence with which my teammates spoke of the company, and of its commitment to the communities it serves, spoke volumes.

What advice do you have for other students who are recruiting for internships?

I learned over the summer that the grocery retail industry is wide in operations, but its circles run much tighter than you might think. Networking is a must in this industry and a fantastic opportunity to learn how others have grown their careers within it. Reaching out to recruiters to discuss your interest and desire to work in grocery is essential, as is attendance at as many recruiting events as possible.

Did the internship meet or supersede your expectations? 

My experience with H-E-B far exceeded my expectations. It’s a company of great people doing great things for Texas communities.