Summer Internship | Student Spotlight: Olivia Levine – ETM Group

Position: Marketing Intern

What is your major, and how do you think what you’ve learned at McCombs has helped you with this internship?

I am a Business Honors and Marketing major going into my second year here at McCombs. As I have not yet taken many major specific business classes, I’ve really relied on the core business classes to give me a foundation for my interests in marketing.  The most important thing I learned so far was problem solving. With the MIS class I took second semester, every week was an exercise in learning how to ask meaningful questions and teach myself skills that I needed to get the job done. Going into my internship I didn’t have the benefit of taking classes in marketing, but I was ready to learn and use my introduction into the field as an opportunity to have a fresh set of eyes looking at the company’s current framework.

What is unique about the company and culture of ETM Group?

The culture of ETM Group is extremely creative and open. The office did not have any physical boundaries between colleagues so there was always discussion and interaction taking place. It was a small office so we were able to get to know each other personally which made it very comfortable to share ideas and suggestions.

What were your overall responsibilities in your internship?

My responsibilities consisted of managing the social media channels including Twitter and Facebook. I was able to write the copy for posts as well as facilitate engagement. I also updated third-party websites and databases. In addition, I began the implementation for an update to their accounting records.  I was amazed how much my single semester of MIS helped me understand their IT system.

Why did you decide to work there?

I decided to work at ETM Group because I had some previous experience in the food industry and I liked the neighborhood where the office is located.  Since I plan to be a marketing and MIS major, the ability to get an internship in marketing was a huge plus.

Describe what it was like working abroad.

Working abroad was a great opportunity to experience a new culture not only in the workplace, but also in daily life. Being immersed so quickly into a different style of working and living forced me to be able to adapt to unfamiliar situations. I really enjoyed sitting in the office and hearing many different accents and voices coming together to make a team. I also loved being able to spend weekends exploring a new place or country. I ended up travelling to six different countries and each time I was able to take back something new to work on Monday. I was working on a lot of advertising so the travel allowed me to see different marketing strategies across the globe.

What advice do you have for other students who are recruiting for internships? 

Focus on your own goals when you’re looking for opportunities. There is always pressure to take the most prestigious, highest paying, or historically successful job, but if you are going to wake up every morning and drag yourself to a cubicle or fly halfway around the world for a job, it should be something you are truly passionate about. It’s not possible to know when you’re sitting in a classroom what kind of office environment you will work best in, or what kind of city or town you want to live in, so being able to get off campus and trying out the possibilities is invaluable.

I am not sure that I will turn this internship into my career, but even learning that there were some things that I didn’t enjoy about this job is a data point I can use in my life to guide my future decisions.

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