Ethics Week Brings Focus to BHP Honor Code

During the week of April 6-9, the BHP Student Ethics Board hosted Ethics Week, complete with t-shirt giveaways, delicious treats, and of course, a focus on the BHP Honor Code. This annual weeklong event encourages BHP students to always conduct themselves with integrity and make ethical decisions not only at school but in the workplace too.  The week kicked off with #BHPEthicsChallenge where participants were asked to complete a series of fun challenges related to business ethics. The prize? A Dr. Prentice shirt! Other events during the week included an Honor Code puzzle (with free cookie cake upon completion) and a BHProfessor Panel where students and three professors had the opportunity to meet and chat about ethics over donuts.

The Ethics Board was excited to see so many BHP students come out to the events and enjoy the stellar mix of ethics, food, and fun. The goal of each event was to initiate thoughtful conversation about and reflection on the Honor Code and ethics in everyday life. After all, as individuals who represent not only a top-notch Business Honors Program, but also the outstanding McCombs School of Business and vibrant University of Texas at Austin, each student has the personal and social responsibility to uphold ethical decision-making and integrity. What starts here changes the world. 

View the BHP Ethics FAQ and the most recent Ethics Report online.


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