HBA Dinner with an Alumnus: The Jordan Ripley Edition

Written by Nikki Cassidy

gour·mand (noun): one who is heartily interested in good food and drink

This definition seems to be a very accurate description of the participants at the recent DWAA (Dinner with an Alumnus) with Jordan Ripley. We met Jordan, who graduated BHP and Marketing in spring 2012, at the family-owned Gourmand’s Neighborhood Pub in East Austin. The restaurant, known for its sandwiches and casual atmosphere, turned out to be the perfect place to enjoy a delicious dinner and lively conversation with 15 students and alumni.

A past member of the HBA executive board and last year’s Mr. McCombs, Jordan is well known and favored among BHP students. He currently lives in Austin and works as an analyst at Adlucent, an advertising firm that specializes in predictive search and shopping analytics. In addition to plenty of sandwiches, his dinner included cheerful reminiscing, advice for current students, and jokes all around. Overall, the event was a great success!

Notably, Ben Rogers, another recent BHP alumnus in town for the weekend, also attended the event to share his wisdom and humor with event participants.

The next HBA alumni event will be a dinner and game night with Yun and Odile Du in early March.

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