BHP Town Hall Recap

The BHP Spring Town Hall Meeting took place yesterday with more than 80 BHP students and faculty in attendance, each hungry to provide input on the program and to eat the Torchy’s Tacos that were present. The event kicked off with Dr. Prentice delivering a State of the BHP Address that recognized the many recent accomplishments by BHP students and staff. Dr. Prentice also explained how the suggestions from previous town hall meetings were already being implemented, such as moving BA 324 to the first semester of freshman year for BHP students. One of the highlights was the unveiling of a new BHP CIBER program to Buenos Aires that is in the works and will hopefully take place starting in the summer of 2014.

The rest of the meeting allowed students to ask questions, voice concerns, and offer suggestions to improve BHP. Several issues that were discussed included how to better integrate sophomore admits and how to best utilize group work in classes such as Marketing 337H and MIS 301H. Many students also offered their opinions on the best use of BA 101H and how it could be structured to best educate freshmen about the different business majors. The meeting concluded after two hours of discussion that featured many promising new ideas for the future of BHP.

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