BBA Faculty Honor Roll: Robert Prentice

BBA Faculty Honor Roll Member: Robert Prentice, Ph.D. Keywords: Ethics, Baseball, Skydiving Congratulations, Professor Prentice, on your selection to the Spring 2016 BBA Honor Roll by the Undergraduate Business Council (UBC)! What do you teach? LEB 323 The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business BA 151H Honors Lyceum LEB 380.7 The Legal and Ethical Environment […]

Throwback Thursday: Bevo

Anyone who’s heard of UT has heard of Bevo, the university mascot. While Bevo has changed over the years, he’s been around as long as any Longhorn can remember — nearly 100 years in total. In November 1916, Bevo made his debut during the halftime of a UT-Texas A&M football game. UT law graduate Stephen […]

Throwback Thursday: Beating OU Since 1916

By Mary Dolan In honor of Texas-OU weekend, we’re doing a Throwback Thursday for UT’s continued dominance over OU! In relation to McCombs, Texas BBA was established in 1916, one year before OU’s College of Business. However, when most people think of the Texas/OU rivalry, they think of our football teams. UT’s first football team […]

More Than 100 Years of Rivalry

The rivalry between the Longhorns and the Sooners started before Oklahoma was even an official state. In 1900, Oklahoma was a “territory” and neither school had a mascot. UT’s team was simply called Varsity. The first UT victory was a lopsided 28-2. The Oklahoma men played a very good game, but they had weak points […]

Celebrating 20 Years of Study Abroad!

With another year comes another opportunity to study abroad! The BBA study abroad program has never been more popular, and it is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. It may be hard to believe, but when it was launched in spring 1996, McCombs’ study abroad exchange program consisted of only four students. The following year, […]

Happy Birthday, BBA! (And Many More)

It all began in 1912, with 45 students studying accounting and statistics in temporary, pine shack buildings. By 1916, the number of business students had more than doubled – to 115 out of the University’s total of 2,600 university students – and the Board of Regents made the BBA program official. Last year, 6,968 applicants vied for […]