Throwback Thursday: Registration

By Mary Dolan Registration is almost here! While many students may stress about getting classes and making the perfect schedule, even they would have to admit that, in many ways, the process of registration has been made easier over the years. Students now have access to a course catalog where they can check out potential […]

Throwback Thursday: Peer Advising

By Mary Dolan For this Throwback Thursday, we are celebrating 30 years of McCombs peer advisors! In 1986, the business school had close to 10,000 students. The BBA office only had about 16 staff members in place to help the students. A change was needed, and the first peer advisor was hired.       […]

Post Registration Frustration

The initial registration stress is over. Can you relate to what these BBA students said post-registration?  “I’m literally shaking.” “How can a class close that quickly? Ugh.” “Am I even still considered a business major?” “Guess I’m taking a victory lap.”  “Is the high A-Rate worth the 8 AM…” “I thought Business students weren’t supposed […]


McCombs Undergraduates, Hope you had a great summer.  We wanted to keep you updated with some upcoming registration timelines, deadlines, procedures, and changes. Please visit/bookmark the registration website for up-to-date registration information, forms, and tips. URL:

June 1st – Application deadline for the Integrated MPA Program

The fall 2011 application deadline for admission to the integrated MPA Program is June 1, 2011 by 11 p.m.  All students who are eligible and interested in the MPA program are encouraged to apply! To learn more about the application requirements, visit: To access the online application, visit

Need help completing your 2011-2012 FAFSA?

FAFSA, Taxes and PINs… Oh no!! It’s not as frightening as it seems! The financial aid process begins with the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Do you need help completing your 2011-2012 FAFSA? The Office of Student Financial Services will host FAFSA completion sessions in March. Current students will have the opportunity to […]

Low Cost LSAT Prep Class

The College of Liberal Arts Pre-Law advising office has extended an offer from Campus Prep for a low cost LSAT exam course offered on campus:  The course costs $125 for those who qualify for need-based financial aid. All others, including alumni, pay only $275 for the full course (plus $20-$25 for course materials). The course […]

Psychology Major Information Sessions

Admission to Psychology as an Undergraduate Major (For Current UT Students) Are you interested in declaring Psychology as a double major or transfering altogether? Attending an internal transfer information session is now required to be eligible for admission to the Psychology major. The intent of these sessions is to enhance your understanding of psychology as […]

BBA Global Summer Business Program

Want to earn 6 credits while feeling like you are studying abroad this summer?  If so, then BBA Global Summer Business Program might be just what you need!  Every summer, CIBER welcomes a bright and talented group of both international and University of Texas students who embark on a month-long seminar tackling two rigorous courses […]

Learning Center March Events

Upcoming March events in the Sanger Learning and Career Center All events are in Jester A115, visit to reserve a spot! TEACHING ENGLISH ABROAD Learn about the EFL/ESL teaching profession. We’ll be discussing certification options, job search strategies, lifestyle concerns, and what you can do next to explore this career. March 1st, Tuesday, 5 […]

Graduating Senior Petition to add a Spring 2011 class

If you are missing a class you must have to graduate in spring or summer 2011 (fall, too, for certain classes required for ERB and SCM majors), please complete your portions of the Graduating Senior Petition. This petition and other registration-related forms and information are available on the web at You may return it […]