Throwback Thursday 10/27: McCombs School of Business

Those who walk around the UT campus are usually impressed by its beauty and scope. Older buildings stand alongside newer ones and provide a visual history of the university. However, there’s one building that probably wouldn’t fit in on campus: the first business school.

mccombsshack2The buildings affiliated with McCombs today are large and impressive, but the first building dedicated to business studies was less impressive. In fact, it was basically a shack. It is pictured below, and was first used in 1912. Waggener Hall, designed as an official and long-term center for business students, was opened in 1932. A blueprint from Waggener is pictured below.

In 1962, the Business-Economics Building was formally dedicated. Students nicknamed it the “big enormous building.” Today, it is better known as the CBA. The GSB, or Graduate School of Business, was opened fourteen years later in 1976.waggener-hall-west-entry

Students today take these buildings and their amenities for granted, but it is interesting to look back at the business school’s humble beginnings. Who knows? Maybe, 50 years from now, students will have academic centers that are even bigger and better.

Visit the Texas BBA 100 site for more fascinating history of the BBA Program.

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