Throwback Thursday: Registration

By Mary Dolan

img152Registration is almost here! While many students may stress about getting classes and making the perfect schedule, even they would have to admit that, in many ways, the process of registration has been made easier over the years. Students now have access to a course catalog where they can check out potential classes, an online interactive degree audit where they can check their progress, and access to several advisors across all majors.

Before the ease of online registration, students waited in long lines to register in an unair-conditioned Gregory Gym. They had to fill out their desired schedules on paper. In the 1980’s, registration moved to the Erwin Center. Later, students were given the more convenient option to call in to TEX and punch in the unique numbers of the classes they wanted. Finally, students today are able to log into their student accounts and type in unique numbers to get classes — though they still have to be fast if they want to make sure they get Fridays off!

Registration has its ups and downs, but there’s no doubt that time and technology have given students more comfort and convenience when it comes to sorting out one of the most important parts of college. Good luck getting what you want!

Visit the Texas BBA 100 site for more fascinating history of the BBA Program.

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