Throwback Thursday: Beating OU Since 1916

By Mary Dolan

University of Texas football players 1910

In honor of Texas-OU weekend, we’re doing a Throwback Thursday for UT’s continued dominance over OU!

In relation to McCombs, Texas BBA was established in 1916, one year before OU’s College of Business. However, when most people think of the Texas/OU rivalry, they think of our football teams.

UT’s first football team was established in 1893, and the UT football tradition has been going strong for over 100 years. Below is a picture of several Texas Longhorns during the 1910 season, and a picture of the members of the 2016 team.


UT football and the traditions surrounding it have changed a lot in the last one hundred years, but there is no doubt that students, alumni, and fans have enough excitement to keep them going for many more years — and maybe another century! Here’s to a great season!

Visit the Texas BBA 100 site for more fascinating history of the BBA Program.

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