Throwback Thursday: Peer Advising

By Mary Dolan

For this Throwback Thursday, we are celebrating 30 years of McCombs peer advisors!

In 1986, the business school had close to 10,000 students. The BBA office only had about 16 staff members in place to help the students. A change was needed, and the first peer advisor was hired.

mccombspeeradvisor1                              pas-fall-16-edited

Pictured on the left is the very first peer advisor who was hired in order to help guide McCombs students from the perspective of a fellow student and mentor. The program was a success, and today we have several peer advisors (pictured on the right) who are ready to help you with any questions you may have.

Senior marketing major Tyler Scott says, “Being a Peer Advisor in the BBA Program Office has been extremely rewarding because it allows me to have a direct effect on the academic experience of my peers by giving them advice regarding classes and many other aspects of student life. It also helps me to get to know other students in McCombs, and has shown me what working in a truly collaborative work environment is like.”

Tyler and other peer advisors are able to use their experience as fellow business students to help guide their peers through the ins and outs of the business school. Be sure to go visit one in honor of Throwback Thursday — you’ll be certain to learn something new!


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