McCombs Students Explore Study Abroad Opportunities

Ever wanted to travel to South America, Europe, and more? Well, now’s your chance! This year’s Study Abroad Fair–organized by the BBA International Programs Office–kicked off on September 20th. The fair is meant to introduce new and returning McCombs students to many different study abroad opportunities.

img_4990Polly Trigger, Assistant Director of the BBA Program Office, says that “[McCombs] really values study abroad and aims to put together programming that adds to students’ business education and allows them to experience global business perspectives.”

Several students who have studied abroad say that they value the experiences the study abroad program has given them.img_4978

Jeana Thompson and Noah Eastman studied together in Thailand together, and they said that they valued the opportunities they had to explore other cultures while meeting students they would not have met had they stayed at UT.

Senior Kara Simmang says that studying abroad helps students “learn so much about other cultures and helps them meet other students.” While studying in New Zealand, she had a roommate from Taiwan. This allowed her to receive the benefit of learning about two different cultures and countries.

img_4989The fair also gives students who are thinking about studying abroad a chance to connect with students who have already traveled using the program. Prospective study abroad students can learn from the perspectives of students who have studied abroad and get more information about specific destinations.img_4992

Freshman McKenzie Powell says that she would like to study abroad in order to go “anywhere that allows [her] to improve [her] Spanish and learn more about the language.”

The Study Abroad Fair is just one of the events that the BBA International Programs Office uses to raise awareness. They also support student Global Ambassadors, the study abroad Buddy Program, and International Education Week. All of these are great resources for students looking to learn more about studying abroad!

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