Gone To Business Welcomes New Freshmen

The 2016-2017 academic year kicked off with Gone to Business, an event welcoming new McCombs students to both the school and to UT as a whole. As they waited in line outside the UT, several students talked with friends, filled each other in on their summers, and expressed excitement for the weeks ahead.

20160823_175402Freshman Stephanie Vandersteen said that she was looking forward to meeting new people and getting to try out all the new classes that McCombs provides.

Fellow freshman Lily Martinez said that she was excited to figure out what concentration she might enjoy, and to meet people who had the same interests as her.

Countless other students have similar thoughts and, while figuring out what to do at a new school may be difficult, Gone to Business aims to ease the transition between high school and college and provide incoming freshmen with a fun and exciting experience.20160823_180007

Although Gone to Business is a relatively short program, there’s no doubt that it makes a definite impact on the freshmen who participate in it. They’re able to meet new people, find out more about McCombs’ programs, and even just get a chance to explore campus before heading to class the next day. Here’s hoping that next year’s event will be just as successful as Gone to Business 2016!

Contributing Writer: Mary Dolan



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