Meet your team leads Zach & Lauren – McCombs Kickoff August 22

Zach Schultzzach

Grade: Senior

Major: BHP, Supply Chain Management

Hometown: Austin, Texas

I attended McCombs Kickoff my freshman year and it was a blast! I think the best part was getting to meet a lot of my peers. I didn’t know anyone at Kickoff going into it, and some of the leads and other freshmen that I met became some of my closest friends throughout college. I have been involved with Kickoff every year since then and I’m so excited to be a team lead again!”

Zach studied abroad after his freshman year in Hong Kong. It has definitely been one of the greatest things that he has done during the past three years! For extracurricular activities, Zach has been involved with The Undergraduate Business Council where he’s been able to have many roles, including this last year when he was on the Executive Board as Careers Director.

Last summer he interned for Dell in Round Rock, and this summer he interned for Target in Minneapolis. Both were awesome experiences, and he’s excited to be back on campus and enjoy his senior year!


LaurenLauren Neels

Grade: Senior

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Allen, TX

“I enjoyed Kickoff so much when I attended my freshman year, and I’ve volunteered at the event every year since because I believe the experience is so valuable. I made some of my first friends at UT at Kickoff three years ago and I still talk to them today. I also learned a ton about McCombs and ways to get involved on campus.”

Lauren is a fun chick who’s been very involved in the Undergraduate Business Council here at UT. She served as the Community Service Chair her sophomore year, was on the Executive Board her junior year, and will spend her senior running the First Year Leadership program for the new members of UBC.

She loves to travel and while she hasn’t exactly studied abroad, she spent a summer backpacking Europe and loves to discuss travel strategies. Lauren loves the outdoors and adventures of all kinds and is currently in Colorado hiking through some sweet mountains. She is also passionate about spending time at concerts, on the greenbelts, and doing other fun stuff in Austin.

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