Meet your team leads Katie & Dylan – McCombs Kickoff August 22

Katie Waltkatie

Year: Junior

Major: Master in Professional Accounting

Hometown: Katy, Texas

“Kickoff is where I have met some of my greatest friends at UT. It was the perfect way to make me feel comfortable at my new school and ready to take on college life.”

During her time at UT, Katie has become a member of the Undergraduate Business Council and Alpha Delta Pi. She was the chair of the Spring Case Competition this past semester and has been a member of the BBA Legacy committee and Barbara Jordan-George Mitchell committee at McCombs.

Katie’s favorite thing that she has done at McCombs is the Yellow School Bus event where she got to teach elementary students all about the business school through games and tours around McCombs. Katie plans to study abroad in the fall of her senior year in Vienna, Austria where she can enjoy some of the best coffee, dances, and music in the world.

Katie is Executive Vice President of Alpha Delta Pi and has loved leading her sorority. This past summer, she interned at Southwest Business Corporation in their Investment Advisory Division, and she learned all about the exciting world of retirement! For fun, Katie loves to eat queso, go to Zilker Park to play with dogs, and hang out with her friends.


dylanDylan Adkins

Grade: Junior

Major: BHP, Finance

Hometown: “Big Money” Beaumont, Texas

“Coming from a not so elite district in high school in South East Texas, we had very few students come to The University of Texas, let alone to McCombs. Kickoff was my first real taste of what was out there, not just the organizations and the people, but also the city I get to call home for the next four years. It was great to meet other incoming freshmen and talk to established upperclassmen about academics and some social scenes in Austin that most freshman are unaware of.”

Dylan has studied abroad in Beijing, China, where he taught English while taking a course on Social Entrepreneurship, and Cape Town, South Africa, where he worked as an Undergraduate Research Assistant and TA, as well as doing consulting for two companies in the area.

Dylan’s other involvement includes holding various positions within the Undergraduate Business Council and serving as a Public and Media Correspondent for the Center for Sports Leadership and Innovation. As for internships, he has had the position of financial and portfolio analyst for the University Co-op and functions as the Chief Operating Officer and Board Member for a non-profit that he created, called Mount Nebo Austin.

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