Meet your team leads Daston & Brennan – McCombs Kickoff August 22

Daston Armandaston

Grade: Sophomore

Major: BHP, MIS

Hometown: Houston, TX

“What else are you going to be doing that is more important than exploring the best college town in North America, hanging out with the amazing friends that you will have for the rest of your life, and getting to know what your place in McCombs is going to be??? Would you rather sit in your room staring at your wall!! If you never kickoff, did you really ever start college?”

International man of mystery, Daston Arman, is a young, but active member of the McCombs family. He has spent his time at UT as a passionate member of the Undergraduate Business Council as well as a double bass player in the University Orchestra. This upcoming semester, Daston is looking to mentor young children through an organization dedicated to improving literacy rates, Students Expanding Austin Literacy (SEAL). In addition, he is continuing his goal of winning an IM championship while simultaneously having no athletic ability or hand-eye coordination.

As with literally every person that has ever studied abroad, Daston believes that his second home, Hong Kong, is the greatest place on earth and is not afraid to tell you that for hours on end. Walking around Chinese factories and jumping off cliffs made his last summer the greatest of his life.

In his personal life, Daston is insane about NBA basketball and will miss his own wedding to watch the Houston Rockets play. As well, he loves to dabble in online gaming and considers himself an expert in making simple, rustic beef wellington.


brennanBrennan Jantzen

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Management Information Systems (MIS)

Hometown: Novato, California

“I have heard many good things about Kickoff last year, from friends who were able to attend, which has made me really excited to be a team lead for this year! I wasn’t able to attend last year, but I feel like being a team lead now is going to give me the best opportunity to meet incoming students and help teach them a thing or two about how great McCombs is!”

Brennan recently studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic through a McCombs short term study abroad program. He is also a member of the Undergraduate Business Council where he has served on different committees; his favorite of which was the VIP Committee where he worked to get business executives to come and share their thoughts and insights into business and everyday life with McCombs students. Highlights from this event include the CEOs of Exxon, Oracle, and Victoria’s Secret.

If you have ever seen Lord of the Rings or are even remotely excited about Star Wars: Rogue One, you and Brennan will get along beautifully. Even if you haven’t, he is also a big fan of the entertainment industry as a whole. Brennan actually did four years of theatre and musical theatre in high school and has invested plenty of hours into video games. Other interests of his include music, with his favorite groups being twentyone pilots, Pentatonix, X Ambassadors, and One Republic.

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