7 Perfect Gifts for Business Students

Buying the right present for the right person can be a headache-inducing process, but the business student in your life is guaranteed to appreciate something from the following options. Holiday shopping is about to get a lot easier.

1. Fuzzy Socks

1Who says getting socks for Christmas isn’t fun? Fuzzy socks make everything more fun (and a lot warmer), and they’re perfect for long nights studying in the NRG Productivity Center when inside temperatures dip. Plus, take it up a notch and get shea-infused ones from Bath & Body Works.

2. Trouser socks for him/Foldable flats for her

2(1)More socks? These aren’t just any trouser socks—they’re colorful, brightly-patterned ones reminiscent of crazy sock days in elementary school. Dreary black and gray business professional is a lot more bearable when a party is happenin’ on your feet.

2(2)For the ladies, foldable flats in a drawstring bag is the solution to all problems after five hours of walking around in heels at the career fair, networking with recruiters and hoping that someone is (finally) going to ask for the resume.

3. Monogrammed Padfolios

3On the subject of resumes… a monogrammed padfolio is the perfect way to hold copies of resumes while being practical and professional. And who doesn’t like the feeling that comes with having their initials splayed over every item they own?


4. Motivational Self-Help Business Books

4Include titles such as Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and “Who Moved My Cheese.” Because every business student needs copies of these books to make an appearance on their shelf, just to show that they’re serious about their career (who knows if they actually read them).

5. Planner

5Practicality purposes aside (jotting down group meeting dates, important events and birthdays, homework deadlines, etc.), they’ll appreciate the opportunity to say obnoxious things like “That isn’t included in today’s agenda” or “I’ll get back to you after consulting my planner.”

6. Money

6What business student doesn’t love some extra money? What college student doesn’t love some extra money? What human being doesn’t love some extra money? Enough said.


7. All seasons of “The Office” out on DVD


So they’re adequately prepared for what office life is really like (also a really good way to procrastinate).


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