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Message from the Markets

Sheridan Titman , a Finance Professor at UT’s McCombs School of Business, spoke about the effects of the Gulf Oil Spill on stock prices in an auditorium of the University of Texas’ West Pickle Research Building, about 650 miles from the site of an oil spill endangering coastal shores on the Gulf of Mexico.


Sheridan Titman
McCombs School of Business

Punch Card to PC

Mankind has forever been trying to figure out better and faster ways to perform mathematical functions, said Gary Hoover, McCombs’ Entrepreneur-in-Residence, at his June 9 presentation on the history of personal computers.

Lessons from Detroit

Gary Hoover on the rise of the American Automobile Industry.

Recession is a Good Time to Look for New Opportunities

On September 17, Texas Executive Education hosted a faculty panel addressing Strategies for Growth in Trying Times. Raji Srinivasan, Associate Professor of Marketing, suggested that recession generally leads to dramatic shifts in the market share of companies. Firms who are positioned to survive these turbulent times should consider questioning all operations to look for opportunities that were not viable in normal business cycles.

Unique & Passionate: Hoover’s 8 Rules of Business, pt 7&8

Service: Hoover’s 8 Rules of Business, pt 6

Consistency: Hoover’s 8 Rules of Business, pt 5

Clarity: Hoover’s 8 Rules of Business, pt 4

Clarity of Vision – Can any third-grader understand your vision or are you trapped in double-speak, alphabet soup, and jargon? If not, then you run the risk of insulting people and making them feel stupid.

Hoover says most executives from most Fortune 500 companies use jargon that many people don’t understand, including the executives themselves. It’s no wonder they don’t have a clue what to do.

The whole idea of leadership or a critical idea is to bring people together. You do that by making sure people understand what you are saying. Hoover’s rule is, when you have a new business idea, is to show it to your grandmother. Show it to any reasonably bright 6th grader. Then show it to him. He’s never seen a venture capitalist yet that was insulted by the fact they could understand what you were talking about.

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History: Hoover’s 8 Rules of Business, pt 2

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Gary Hoover – Lessons from the Big Screen